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The JSI Capital Team

Bill King

Bill King

President & Managing Principal

Bill teamed up with Leo and Manny Stauruakis to co-found JSI Capital Advisors back in 1994. Since then he has served as the firm’s President and Managing Principal. Bill is a sought-after speaker on communications and technology trends and a recognized authority on financial, transactional and valuation trends in the rural and independent communications provider industry.

Bill is a life-long learner whose passions include family, boating the Merrimack River, and travel. He is an avid Boston sports fan and ardent defender of the Ideal Gas Law. Bill spends his free time, as well as any spare cash he may have, tending to the whims of a teenage son and daughter.

Leo Staurulakis

Leo Staurulakis

Chairman & Principal

Leo serves as Chairman of JSI Capital Advisors as well as the Executive Vice President of John Staurulakis, Inc., a nationally recognized telecommunications consultancy headquartered in Greenbelt, Maryland. With over 30 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, Leo is a frequent speaker at national and regional industry events and is well known as a pragmatic and trusted business advisor and industry thought-leader.

The ultimate road warrior, Leo splits his time between Florida, Maryland, Bermuda as well as client locations throughout the U.S. Leo is on a first name basis with the conceirge at the Bellagio where he can often be found supporting his favorite teams, the Capitals and Ravens.

Chris Fortuna

Chris Fortuna

Vice President

Chris has been with JSI Capital Advisors since 2008 and was promoted to Vice President of our Valuation Services Group in 2014. Chris actively participates in the development, research and preparation of valuation reports for the owners and managers of rural independent communications providers and is responsible for overseeing developments regarding valuation for financial and tax reporting purposes. Chris also takes a leadership role in the execution of the firm’s transaction advisory engagements.

​Chris has two beautiful young daughters, so these days his time away from work is often consumed by princesses, mermaids or ballerinas. He paid his way through the University of Wyoming working construction, so he can function where the air is thin and he knows how to fix a thing or two. In the winter, Chris can often be seen bombing down Avalanche at Cannon Mountain.

Adam Brissette

Adam Brissette


Adam joined JSI Capital Advisors in 2011, serving as a member of the valuation services group and a contributing writer for the firm’s industry publications. Today, as the firm’s director, he serves as a battle-tested member of the firm’s valuation and transaction advisory teams. Adam combines industry knowledge with comprehensive modeling skills and an advanced appreciation of accounting and financial reporting to define and support client tactical and strategic planning efforts.

Outside of work, Adam combines his love for the outdoors and sports, spending his time running, fishing, and perfecting his 3-point shot. His claim to fame is his 2014 victory for largest bass caught in his hometown ice fishing tournament. An all-around family man, he spends his weekends chasing after his two toddlers.