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Some “More” Random Thoughts….

Reflections, Irony and Opportunity!

by | Feb 21, 2019

Welcome to our new blog – “Some Random Thoughts….”!

For those of you familiar with JSI Capital….and who have been around the small telephone company industry for a while….you will undoubtedly remember the industry newsletters we published for, in some cases, more than 12 years  – The Deal Advisor, Phone Numbers, The Transport Advisor, The Wireless Advisor and our flagship publication, The ILEC Advisor.  We had a lot of fun putting those newsletters together and always attempted to break down industry trends, deals, and numbers in a manner that was both understandable and entertaining (at least as much as it could be given the subject matter….).  Back then, our underlying objective was to enhance our own knowledge and awareness by educating and informing our readers.

Our decision to discontinue our industry newsletters in May 2012 (we actually kept our old blog going until 2015) was driven by four factors – the internet, change, fatigue and opportunity!  The internet has and continues to force all of us to constantly and critically re-evaluate our business models.  For most of us, the internet is probably the most tangible manifestation of the rapid change promised by Moore’s law.  Perhaps it was a slow blink but nonetheless in the blink of an eye, the Internet made all but obsolete the subscription-based email newsletter.  For us, the decision was clear – do it for less, do it for nothing, or don’t do it.  Choice made!

Change speaks to the headwinds of technology, competition and regulation, all of which were doing a full frontal in the face of the rural local exchange carrier industry.  The bedrock of our newsletter effort was chronicling deals and trends in the small telephone company industry and the currents were pushing technology substitution and  consolidation (or, for some, consternation).   As the industry consolidated (or consternated?), so did our subscribers.  The irony was not lost on us!

As someone surely once said (Mr. Berra perhaps?), hard work is hard!  Grinding out newsletters on a schedule is grueling!  Late nights, early mornings, deadlines….jeez!  As I continue to “season” I come to better appreciate the fundamentally inverse relationship between experience and energy and the wisdom of focusing your time and effort on those endeavors you deem, personally or professionally, the most rewarding, satisfying and productive.  Back in 2012, the juice we enjoyed from our newsletter efforts had become no longer worth the squeeze!

Which brings us to opportunity.  Back in 2012, there were compelling opportunities that tested our desire and challenged our commitment to stay in the newsletter business.  Ironically, those opportunities surfaced, at least in part, from the brand we enjoyed as a result of our newsletters.  With the consequences of the internet, change and fatigue in mind, pursuit of new opportunities won the day.

So, given our reasons for pulling back from the newsletter business in 2012, why are we now launching a new blog?  ‘Cause we miss it, ’cause we can, ’cause we have something to say!  Ironically (once again), we will be leveraging the opportunity presented by change and the internet to constantly “iterate” the way we deliver our observations and insights valued by our followers.

As a parting thought….it was the late, great poet Harry Chapin who once wrote (sang), “all my life’s a circle” and it was Ms. Parton who said, “here you come again!”, but is was the young Ms. Spears who concluded, “oops, I did it again!”

Bill King

Bill King